360 Waves-Give Your Hair A New Look

Lets discover the secret treasures of how to get 360 waves If you ever met anyone with 360 hair waves, you will know they are very secrective on how they got their 360 hair waves. They are never reveal their secrets or methods, because most of them just dont want to many people joining the party.

See getting 360 hair waves makes you stand out of the crowd, because not make people have 360 hair waves. So you look unique & plus you get all the girls lol. Another thing why most wavers dont reveal their methods, because for most of them, it probably took them a long time to master how to get 360 waves And you just come along asking how they got their hair like that, they dont want you to have it easy. Well in this article I’m going to break the code of silence & reveal a secret method to get 360 hair waves fast.

Getting 360 hair waves is both an Art & science, it involves the use of the right hair products & combining this with the right methods & techniques to form perfect 360 hair waves. The secert which Im about to reveal has been hidden for a while & is only know by elite 360 wavers, who have perfect deep 360 waves. This method will revolutionize the way you get 360 hair waves. Ladies & gentlemen I introduce to the Cyclone method, this will cause your 360 hair waves to spin like a cyclone. Be ready to make people sea sick with your 360 waves.

The 1st product to get for the ‘The cyclone method’ is called PARNEVU Organic Hair Mayonnaise, this is enriched with olive oil, egg protein & organic herbs to promote healthy hair & scalp. Its an excellent moisturizer. Next You will need Hollywood beauty Carrot creme, also an awesome moisturizer & lastly African Kemi Shea butter pomade, very wonderful natural product .


Step 1- brush hair in the shower, apply Parnevu organic hair Moyannaise brush your hair for 5mins with the grain.
Step 2 Leave on the hair moyannaise in your hair for 10 mins(put on a shower cap) then wash your hair.
Step 3 Dry hair & Apply Holloywood carrot creme & brush for another 5 minutes
Step 4 Apply shea butter pomade all over your hair & brush for another 5 minutes
Step 5 Put on your Durag for the rest of the day.
Step 6 Remove Durag & moisturize with carrot creme & brush hair as you seem fit
Step 7 Repeat the process the next day.

Getting 360 hair waves entails far more other steps & techniques,and when combined with ‘The cyclone method’ You will surely have those perfect deep spinning 360 hair waves. For a more detailed account of the ‘cyclone method’ & other 360 waves method check out The 360 waves blueprint for a comprehensive guide on the how to’s & very specific steps to get 360 hair waves super fast.

All the best in your 360 waves journey!

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